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Hey, Yuletider! Firstly: I hope you have a fabulous Yuletide. It's my first time here, and my first time requesting gift fic in general, so chances are I'll love whatever you write.
If you're stuck or interested, here's some stuff on the kinds of stories I like. I'm looking forward to reading your story!


In general:
I like positive stories about people doing their best in imperfect situations. My favourite kind of story, to read and to write, is about the world being difficult, and loving friends and partners not being able to necessarily solve the problems, but standing beside their humans in kindness and solidarity, and that being enough. I'm generally very into the worldbuilding aspects of fandoms. I love stories set in the original worlds, and I love AUs (bonus points for silly, cheesy AUs.) Assorted, scattered snapshots of a life or a relationship is a wonderful form of fic. If you'd like to write it, smut is also great (bonus points for friendly, kinky, loving smut). Other good things: community, friendships, the everyday, romance, first times of various kinds, character studies. Coffeeshop AUs and Jaeger pilot AUs. Exploring the world.

House of Cards (US TV)
Wonderful show of villains! Claire! Frank! Everyone! <3 <3 <3 I love them all, but let me tell you about how I love Claire the most: Claire, who was offered any number of pedestals and chose to work with Frank for a throne; Claire, who uses her gender and how she's perceived to get what she needs; Claire telling off Adam for putting her in a manic pixie box; Claire wearing Adam's clothes and dancing with women and using Adam as her vacation manic pixie dream boy; Claire and Frank as the best power couple ever; Claire! CLAIRE. If you wanted to go in the smut direction, toppy Claire would be wonderful. Claire/Frank or Claire/Frank/Meechum or Claire/Adam is all great. Character studies, relationship studies, also great.

Mortal Engines

ANNA. SATHYA. I love these two. I can go in any direction with them: though especially like the idea of pre-canon revolutionary airship pilot adventures. Or Shan Guo Anti-Tractionist HQ adventures. Just, these two, living and adventuring together somewhere in this fabulous and fascinating world.
Fever Crumb series
Fever! Cluny! I love these two also! Post-canon explicitly-together stuff, please? I don't mind which direction they go in: adjustment to a quieter settled life, travelling onwards elsewhere, anything you like and would find interesting! (If you'd like to go for a demisexual and/or genderqueer direction with Fever, that'd also be pretty cool.)

Thanks for reading, and happy Yuletide!
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