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 (Hello, new fandom. Canon queers in a radio shack in the middle of an apocalyptic wasteland? YAY!) Written some time ago for the Iron Zombies challenge on tumblr.

these words hold no power over you - 1500 words of stargazing and conversations about hipster food, old stories, and new stories

fireworks - 1300 words of Canada Day, Guy Fawkes' Night, and something new

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I made a Night Vale / Zombies Run! AU, because both stories begin with a newcomer in town, and involve a guiding voice on the radio. It'll be around 20k when it's done, and there's 8k up on AO3 so far: here.  

In which Carlos lands in an unfamiliar place, and runs. )
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Two short things about life being difficult and dangerous, and how a loving partner can't make that disappear but they can stand beside you as you face down the hard stuff. 2000 words, on AO3 here

a bowling alley, and a lack of mirrors )
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On AO3 here. 1200 words. 

So, you know how fanfic is amazing because you can read about your OTP falling in love in a hundred different ways? I feel like I could read stories about Carlos falling for Night Vale, and the ways in which that's all tied up with Carlos falling for Cecil, and all that is strange and monstrous while also being innocent and kind, all day long. And, politics of space? Like, that thing where, there are loads of places where it's impossible to walk, or there's no public transport, and there's all this hierarchy and stuff over who the people are who get to have freedom of movement in places, and what that means for folks who are marginalised in various different ways? So interesting, and, I think, a whole lot more terrifying than mysterious glowing clouds or sudden pterodactyl attacks. Anyway, excuse me while I roll around in all the feelings ever about our own dear sweet Night Vale.

so many feelings )
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On AO3 here. Complete: 14,000 words.

So I wrote a multichapter thing with plot and stuff! I've been wanting to tell the story of "Strexcorp take over Night Vale, and the community fights back" for absolutely ages - the outline for this was written back in November! - and writing this, with the plot and the multiple characters and multiple arcs and ideas and everything, has been a pretty big learning curve. I'm so pleased to finally be able to share it. As always, many thanks for reading! <3

Summary from AO3: 

The day the yellow helicopters come starts out ordinary, with only one mysterious new portal and potentially deadly spillage reported first thing in the morning. Carlos contemplates some difficult truths about Night Vale, and Cecil is patient yet hopeful.

In which Strexcorp take over Night Vale, our friendly desert community fights back along all the fronts it can, and Carlos, who is considering the implications of staying in Night Vale long-term, learns a few new things about heroism, community, and scientific integrity. Updates weekly!

some chapters )
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Read on AO3 here. 2204 words.

"Keep a flashlight and a childhood photo album beside you, just in case." If Cecil's self disappears, Carlos finds himself thinking, absurdly, where would he find himself again?

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